Compressor Technologies is an exclusive distributor of  CPI FLUID ENGINEERING in Russia and CIS region as well as official distributor in Baltic region and Scandinavia.

ОЕМ elaboration

We offer our custmers engineering and elaboration of lubricant materials that completely fit their equipment.   

We proudly develop new lubricants under our customers' private brand. 

Throughout the whole world as well as Russia and CIS region the companies of Lubrizol group provide their customers with high quality products and service. Compressor Technologies LLC is an official distributor and service provider of the following lubricant trademarks: CPI Fluid Engineering, Emkarate и Paratherm.

Brands we offer
Services we provide
Expert lubricant selection

Our experts have long-term working experience in fluids exploitation. We are pleased to select the particular fluids that meet your demand considering all factors and conditions where our lubricants will be exploited. In addition we'll give you guidelines for further usage of our products and be in touch if you look for any additional information.

OEM brand supply

The manufacturer tries to make the product reliable and long working  to meet the customer's expectations. CPI offers its clients the wide range of fluids, seamless logistics and product branding according to customers' demand. Lubricants can be packed in a tare of any material, colour and shape: from 25 ml to 1000 l containers.

Analysis and result estimation of fluids

We implement free lab tests of exploited fluids to determine condition and ongoing internal processes of the equipment. It allows to specify faultlessly the operational limits of the machine and even prevent it from possible breakdown. 

Benchmarking tests and free fluid samples providing

In case of doubts whether our fluids fit your equipment or not we are pleased to conduct an independent test of our product or to provide you with our lubricant for probing.

Our Clients

Within the frameworks of cooperation with Gazprom our main aim is to select and supply special lubricants applied to the equipment that implements the pumpover of hydrocarbon throughout the whole Russia. Beyond that our products are used in gas mining and processing as well as in power engineering for gas treatment in turbine power supply. 


Lukoil implements our lubricants in projects lead for hydrocarbon mining and processing along with the field of power engineering. The area of our fluids' application is extremely broad - all climat zones from North to South that also proves a wide range for our lubricants to be implemented. 


We proudly regard Rosneft as our long-term partner. We have completed lots of mutual projects for both Rosneft and its subsidiaries in the areas of pumpover, conditioning and processing of natural gas. In particular our lubricants were used in the unique project of pumping of heavy watered gas with high content of hydrogen sulphide by means of screw compressors. 


Taif NK implements the lubricants of CPI Fluid Engineering in hydrocarbon mining and processing projects. The experts of Taif NK have positively evaluated the quality of our fluids while using them in the process of complex project requesting marginally high compressor suction temperature. 


Sibur applies our lubricants to the projects of gas treatment, processing and transportation particularly in harsh and sour environment. We are proud by fact that Sibur has chosen our lubricants to be implemented in the unique project related to the organic synthesis.